2023 Wind Workers Giveaway Event by Sky Climber Renewables and TCGM


MAY 17, 2023 – Sky Climber Renewables, a leading service provider to the wind industry, and TCGM (Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys), an online community and organization focused on wind technicians, will host the first ever Wind Workers Giveaway event this summer during the 2023 Clean Power Conference and TCGM Brothers Keeper Tour. It’s 100% free to register and participants will have a chance to win an all-electric SUR-RON X Light Bee bike with a 38Ah battery and custom wind energy graphics featuring Sky Climber and TCGM.

The Wind Workers Giveaway will kick-off at the 2023 Clean Power Conference in New Orleans, May 22-25. Industry professionals can register for the giveaway during the conference by visiting the Sky Climber Renewables and TCGM exhibitor booths during the show (see details below). Alternatively, field technicians and site personnel can enter to win the bike at each stop during the 2023 TCGM Brother’s Keeper Tour this summer.

This Wind Workers Giveaway is a great opportunity for wind industry professionals and technicians to connect. By participating, industry patrons can show their support for wind energy and the important role that industry workers play in bringing clean energy benefits to fruition.

“It’s not often that technicians and site managers get a chance to attend the Clean Power Conference”, said Neal Gynard, CEO of TCGM. “It will be fun to drive some engagement between industry professionals and the technicians working in the field.”

“We wanted to do something different”, said Chad DiFranco, Vice President of Sales for Sky Climber. “I know firsthand, the challenges that industry professionals face with trying to connect with remote workers and technicians spread across the country. Our goal with this event is to create an opportunity for professionals and field workers to engage remotely with one another. Partnering with Neal and his team at TCGM to host this event is a great opportunity.”

The winner of the Wind Workers Giveaway will be announced at the end of the TCGM Brothers Keeper tour and will receive the bike hand-delivered by Neal Gyngard and Chad DiFranco. Industry fans and participants can follow along with the action this summer on Sky Climber Renewables and TCGM social media pages. See below for social media links and registration information.

This free giveaway event is not to be missed by anyone who is passionate about sustainable energy and the wind industry. Join Sky Climber Renewables and TCGM this year at the Clean Power Conference and follow along with the TCGM Brothers Keeper tour to help bring awareness to clean and sustainable energy solutions, and the incredible people making it happen.

How to participate in the Wind Workers Giveaway?

2023 Clean Power Attendees

Clean Power conference attendees can register at the Sky Climber and TCGM exhibit booth’s #624 (Sky Climber) and #524 (TCGM). Neal and his team will have the TCGM custom trailer and SUR-RON all-electric bike on display during the conference.

TCGM 2023 Brothers Keeper Tour

Technicians and site personnel can register at each stop during the tour. See TCGM Brothers Keeper Tour details.

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Follow along with Sky Climber and TCGM on social media this summer (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) to find out who wins this exciting giveaway.

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