Driver Safety

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Online Training: 03-Driver Safety
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1. When changing lanes, physically turn your head around to check your blind spot. This is followed by checking your side and rear view mirrors.

2. While driving, you can use your cell phone without Bluetooth to communicate.

3. At a minimum, how many seconds should you leave in between you and the driver in front of you?

4. A spotter is required prior to putting the vehicle in reverse. If a spotter is not available, the driver must perform a complete walk around before reversing.

5. What should you do if you are tired from driving?

6. When performing a Pre-Driving Inspection, you do all the following except:

7. A person dies in a crash every ________ minutes.

8. ________ of fatal work injuries involves a vehicle.

9. Never load a vehicle from the side, always load from an opened tailgate.

10. ______ people who leave home today will never return home.