Fire Safety

Sky Climber Tech Training – Quiz
Online Training: 06-Fire Safety
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1. You are required to inspect your extinguisher once a ______.

2. The NFPA classifies fires into how many different categories?

3. Water mist extinguishers are suitable for class A and C.

4. If the pin is not there or broken, is it okay to keep in use?

5. Water extinguishers are suitable for class A fires.

6. Sky Climber should use a ___ type fire extinguisher

7. When fighting a fire, you should first aim at the ___ of the flames.

8. You shouldn't expect a fire extinguisher to last more than ____ seconds.

9. If you only discharge an extinguisher for less than 1 second, you can put the pin in and put it back as available for use.

10. You should sweep side to side to put out a fire.