Material Handling

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Online Training: 08-Material Handling
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1. When manually moving materials, employees should seek help when a load is so bulky it cannot be properly grasped or lifted.

2. When loads are heavy or bulky, the mover should always wear_____.

3. The maximum stack height if a forklift is used when stacking lumber is_______.

4. Baled paper and rags stored inside a building must not be closer than 18 inches to the walls, partitions, or sprinkler heads.

5. Flammable liquids must be stored separately using a fire wall.

6. _______________ is a major cause of back injuries in the workplace.

7. You should always lift with your _______.

8. Proper lifting techniques are squatting down, bending at the knees (not the waist), tuck your chin and keep your back as straight as possible.

9. If utilizing a 2 way lifting device on a jib crane, ____ is the maximum number of bags that can be attached on each leg of the device, and ____ would be the total number of bags allowed on the entire load, regardless of weight.

10. You should use the buddy system for anything over ___ lbs.