Online Training: 01-Onboarding
Employee Name
Employee Password (provided by Sky Climber; 3 or 4 digit password)
1. Every technician receives a safety packet inside their gear bag.

2. Reimbursement requests must be submitted via GoFormz within __ days of the transaction date or they will not be reimbursed.

3. Pay day is ______.

4. Sky Climber pays a flat ___ travel allowance per day to mob in and out, regardless of time or distance.

5. When backing up, a _____ is required. If not available, you must perform a walk around prior to backing up.

6. You are eligible for R&R after _____ consecutive weeks on a project or multiple projects without going home.

7. When submitting an expense report to your manager for approval, you should save & ________ the GoFormz form to your reporting manager.

8. Post incident drug testing is required for any on site incident and / or vehicle incident if the vehicle was not in park during the time of the incident.

9. It is our policy that every technician must perform stretches for at least ______ minutes before beginning their work for the day.

10. When lifting, use the buddy system for anything over _____ lbs.

11. Which forms are due on the 1st of every month?

12. _______, _______, People, Excellence, Cooperation and Responsibility are all part of the Sky Climber ________?

13. The GPS will send an alert for any technician going over ____ mph. That technician will also receive disciplinary action.

14. After an incident occurs and you contact the Sky Climber lead technician on site (if no answer, go to next step), the next step would be?

15. As soon as an incident occurs, when should Sky Climber be aware of the incident?

16. When wages are incorrect, you should contact ______________.

17. Vestas sites require 30 minute breaks when working ____ or more hours, and another 30 minute break when working ____ or more hours.

18. Customer signed time sheets are due first thing _______ morning.

19. An alert will be sent out if a Sky Climber owned or rented vehicle is in use between the hours of ____ and ____. Disciplinary action will be taken if the vehicle was used outside of work hours and/or not classified as an emergency.

20. If your work week is Monday the 1st through Sunday the 7th, you should expect to receive wages for this week on ______.

21. If you are confirmed on site by Wednesday, per diem is paid every Friday for the _____ week.

22. When traveling from home to a project on Thursday, your per diem is paid on the 2nd Friday (8 days).

23. When traveling from home to a project on Friday - Wednesday, your per diem is paid on the 1st / next Friday.

24. All vehicle maintenances for company owned or leased vehicles should be completed through _______.

25. Sky Climber Safety hotline phone # is: