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As wind turbine technology matures, turbines in operation can be upgraded to yield increased energy production. 

Improvements in production efficiency can be obtained through a range of possibilities, including main component upgrades, optimization of operational parameters, intelligent software modifications and more.  

Sky Climber Renewables works with OEMs and wind farm owners in various applications related to power curve improvements, including Vortex Generator (VG) installation, main component change-outs and existing equipment modifications, delivering qualified service technicians to execute the work.

About this Service

Large scale repower projects or existing equipment modifications, we make sure your planned power curve initiative is implemented safely and correctly


  • Component change-outs
  • Retrofits
  • Modifications
  • Access services
  • Vortex Generator (VG) installs
  • Cleaning of components

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What is a "repower" project?

Repowering can be described as the updating of wind turbines on a project by either replacing older wind turbines with fewer units with a higher capacity or swapping out the parts in the original turbines with new, more efficient technologies.

How to increase production relative to wind turbine blades?

Wind turbine blade production optimization can be acheived through pitch system optimization, yaw system optimization and through aerodynamic optimization or products like vortex generators (VGs). 

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