Rigging – Signaling

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1. When the signal person gives directions to the crane operator, the directions must be from the crane operator's perspective.

2. Rigging materials should be inspected before each use.

3. What type of technician can perform rigging?

4. Some disadvantages to utilizing a Wire Rope Sling are all the following except _______.

5. What is the OSHA Regulation for Rigging Equipment for Material Handling?

6. The Working Load Limit (W.L.L.) is the average load that shall be applied in direct tension to undamaged straight length of a sling or hoisting equipment.

7. The Working Load Limit (WLL) is _______ than the breaking strength.

8. Which type of sling configuration has the greatest WLL?

9. Nylon rope, polyester rope, wire rope, and synthetic slings have a design / safety factor of ______.

10. Select the correct hand signal for "stop".